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Darsheel Safary says he was bullied for his teeth as a kid: ‘And yet I got Taare Zameen Par because of them’

Darsheel Safary in a romantic position. That’s what the brief movie Capital A, small a is about. The movie, which premiered on Amazon Mini TV on November 17, stars Darsheel and Revathi Pillai as a younger couple going through jibes on their peak distinction. In a chat with Hindustan Times, Darsheel speaks concerning the movie, the jibes he confronted in his private life, and the way Taare Zameen Par stays an enormous a part of his life. (Also Read | Taare Zameen Par’s Darsheel Safary makes a comeback with emotional Netflix video)

Darsheel says probably the most difficult a part of Capital A, small a was to convincingly create the peak distinction between him and Revathi on display screen. “The makers were wondering how to make Darsheel look that shorter. Vishal (the director) kept saying ‘hunch’ and I was wondering how low I bend. Because we have to make it look natural too. It was quite stressful and fun,” he says.

The movie offers with how public opinion can provide one insecurity and complicated about issues. Having been within the public eye since he was 10, Darsheel is not any stranger to public opinion. He says, “I was an extraordinarily sensitive child. Everything used to hurt me. When you become an actor, you have to mute out the noise but not all of it. You need to know what is real or not. If they say ‘Darsheel is being lazy’, that is true and I have to work on it. But if they say ‘Darsheel doesn’t like acting’, that’s untrue.”

The actor added that he confronted a number of jibes and jokes on numerous issues in his private life as properly. “In my personal life, away from acting too, I have had these things. I’ve been made fun of for my height, for my teeth and everything. My teeth were like 1 kilometre out. It all happens for a reason. All that happened and then I got the film because of those teeth. The way I look at it is that it is a learning thing. That is how you don’t get affected,” remembers the 25-year-old.

Darsheel Safary in a nonetheless from his new brief movie Capital A, small a.

It’s been 15 years since Taare Zameen Par launched and was a grand success. Darsheel has executed quite a few TV reveals, music movies, and brief movies since then. And but, each time his identify is talked about, it’s nearly all the time bracketed along with his debut movie. “I can just tell you that I stopped thinking about it long back,” he says, including, “Because if you think about it, then you are going to get tired, happy, sad and everything. You have done something that people have related to, which is a good thing. Half the reason why people are not willing to accept that I am 25 is because it’s so fresh in their heads. I’m always grateful that I was part of such a project. I don’t think about the age thing. My sole intent is to keep doing films because I love acting.”

But he says the movie has been a blessing for him and his profession because it helped him join with the viewers. He explains, “It’s a help actually because I see a lot of reactions. I observe how people are feeling. I have had people my grandparents’ age coming and crying in front of me. I can feel that emotion and that makes me cry too. It kind of fuels me. I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life, if not top it and do better. I need to give the audience something worth remembering.”



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