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Shruti Haasan: The hate culture online is a representation of society

Shruti Haasan just isn’t one to mince any phrases. Ask her about criticism, marriage, something, and she is going to speka her thoughts. So it doesn’t come as a shock when she but once more does the identical once we ask her concerning the Boycott Bollywood marketing campaign and the cancel tradition operating on social media repeatedly each time any main Hindi movie launch is not far away. “It’s not just films… I am trying to understand where is this coming from, why this is happening. There are many layers to it. We all need to take a step back and understand why those people are losing it. Nothing what we see is what it appears to be.”

Overall, she continues and says that the individuals who bully, they had been bullied by somebody who was bullied, and so forth. “This is bullying, which is happening. The cancel culture is an extension of bullying, exposing or attacking with a group of people, and exposing or digging up words from the past, whatever. We are seeing it because of the film industry, but people need to realise that the culture online is a representation of what’s happening in the society,” says the 36-year-old, who not too long ago got here out along with her newest single, She is a Hero.

Elaborating on the sort of hate she herself has to face personally, she says she is named names similar to ‘chudail’ (witch). She feels that the world general has grow to be “an unnecessarily negative space”. “I know we will overcome that. I have, in my own way, represented myself. Everyone is like ‘tu chudail jaise kapde kyun pehenti hai?’ And I respond ‘oh my God, I am a chudail? Appearing like a witch is like the coolest thing for a goth on this planet. To turn it around and make it positive for yourself is important,” says Haasan.



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