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Harry Potter star Tom Felton on his alcohol addiction and escaping from rehab: ‘I’d turn up unprepared…’

Harry Potter star Tom Felton has launched his memoir, Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard, wherein he particulars his experiences as a younger baby actor experiencing fame and fandom. In the e book, Felton has additionally brazenly mentioned his struggles with alcoholism, and stated that his habit to the substance usually proved to be a hindrance at work. The actor performed the function of Draco Malfoy within the franchise.

“Drinking becomes a habit at the best of times. When you’re drinking to escape a situation, even more so. The habit spilled out of the bar and, from time to time, on to set. It came to the point where I would think nothing of having a drink while I was working. I’d turn up unprepared, not the professional I wanted to be. The alcohol, though, wasn’t the problem. It was the symptom,” Felton wrote, as quoted by Entertainment Weekly.

Tom stated that individuals near him, and his group of a lawyer, his agent, supervisor everyone requested him to give up however he wouldn’t, and couldn’t pay attention. “Everybody in the room had written me a letter. I listened to Jade (his former girlfriend) and the others as they told me how concerned they were about my behaviour, about my drinking and my substance abuse. I was in no state to hear them.”

But lastly, it was his lawyer, the particular person he barely knew, stated one thing that resonated with him, and made sufficient of an affect for him to attempt to kind himself out and get admitted in a rehab. “My lawyer, whom I’d barely ever met face to face, spoke with quiet honesty. ‘Tom,’ he said, ‘I don’t know you very well, but you seem like a nice guy. All I want to tell you is that this is the seventeenth intervention I’ve been to in my career. Eleven of them are now dead. Don’t be the twelfth,’” the actor wrote.

But the actor stated he additionally tried escaping inside a day of going to rehab, and it was a course of for him to grasp what had truly transpired: “I was, I realise now, completely sober for the first time in ages, and I had an overwhelming sense of clarity and anger. I started screaming at God, at the sky, at everyone and no one, full of fury for what had happened to me, for the situation in which I found myself. I yelled, full-lung, at the sky and the ocean. I yelled until I’d let it all out, and I couldn’t yell any more.”

Urging these in want to hunt out assist, Tom wrote that there’s ‘no shame’ in taking good care of your self to one of the best of your skills, and that psychological sickness is as regular and customary place as a bodily sickness and ought to be talked about brazenly.



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