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ATEEZ’s Yeosang Slipped Onstage, But TXT’s Soobin Was There For Him

TXT‘s Soobin had a minorly heroic moment at Music Bank in Chile when he tried to help catch ATEEZ‘s Yeosang, and fans are loving it.

ATEEZ’s Yeosang | @ATEEZofficial/Twitter

TXT’s Soobin | @yawxznn/Twitter

Fans in Latin America had been actually wanting ahead to KBS‘ first Music Bank global concert in three years, which was to take place in Santiago, Chile. This was in large part because the line-up was nothing short of impressive, boasting performances by THE BOYZ, (G)I-DLE, STAYC, and NCT DREAM in addition to TXT and ATEEZ.

Unfortunately, the show had to be canceled halfway through due to extreme weather conditions, leaving TXT, NCT DREAM and ATEEZ unable to perform. The members of all three groups were praised for the way they reacted to the cancelation, showcasing their true humble personalities.

While both idols and fans were extremely disappointed, most were in agreement that it was for the best. After all, the three groups who did get to perform, (G)I-DLE, THE BOYZ and STAYC, all suffered multiple falls due to the heavy rainfall.

(G)I-DLE in particular had fans raising concerns, seeing as they ended up having to perform in the middle of a heavy hail storm.

While the members of TXT, ATEEZ and NCT DREAM did not perform, they still came out to greet fans and apologize over the cancelation of their acts. In fact, It was at this point that ATEEZ’s Yeosang slipped on the ground.

The ground was so moist that Yeosang slipped and Soobin from TXT needed to maintain him. The stage was critically an excessive amount of.

— Twitter person @jjkaeleidoscope

The idols had been making their method off the stage when ATEEZ’s San first had a minor slip. He paused and rapidly steadied himself.

| @san_ttiny/Twitter

Yeosang had observed his slip, nevertheless, and tried to show round to assist him. In doing so, Yeosang himself nearly fell, however was rapidly aided by San and by Soobin, who had been strolling behind him. While San held on to Yeosang’s arm, Soobin did his finest to seize his higher physique from behind and catch him earlier than he faceplanted.

As followers famous, it was a little bit of an amusingly prolonged sequence of slips, however the members of ATEEZ had been all looking for one another, as was Soobin!

MOAs praised Soobin, blissful to see his considerate response.

It would have been nice to see TXT and ATEEZ carry out, in addition to NCT DREAM, however no less than followers obtained to see healthful friendship crumbs!



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