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BTS V’s Hilarious Exchange With User “Woong” Might Be The Funniest Moment Of 2022

His response is priceless! 🤣

BTS‘s V recently held a live gaming stream where he played games with some lucky ARMY. The entire stream was full of funny moments, but one moment was so hilarious that it quickly trended worldwide on Twitter!

During a mafia game, one user is secretly granted the power of being “mafia.”

However, after meeting user Woong, it was clear they were the mafia! Killing everyone except V, they did everything they could to spend time with him.

Every time a new user entered the room, Woong would kill them and hilariously return to staring at V.

His facial expressions added to the funny situation!

V and Woong stood nose to nose, causing Woong to quickly become a hot topic online.

It didn’t take lengthy for the phrase “Woong” to pattern worldwide on Twitter!

From the attitude of all of the killed gamers, their ghosts additionally gathered round V. It appears no ARMY can resist him!

Fans made a collection of hilarious tweets in regards to the trade.

Check out the total hilarious clip under.




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