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EXO Chanyeol Is Undeniably Handsome At The “Acqua Di Parma” Event, But One Thing About His Appearance Did Surprise Reporters

Fans additionally admit that they are going to all the time be shocked.

EXO‘s Chanyeol recently attended Acqua Di Parma‘s pop-up store event. The brand is known for its collection of perfumes and colognes, claiming to “symbolize the Italian luxury,” making Chanyeol a fitting ambassador for the brand, as he has continually demonstrated over the years.

Chanyeol for Acqua Di Parma | @yeolmeissa/Twitter

| @yeolmeissa/Twitter

| @yeolmeissa/Twitter

| @yeolmeissa/Twitter

As expected, Chanyeol stunned fans with his visuals at the recent pop-up store.

Looking handsome and charismatic in front of fans and the cameras.

| @no_loey_no_life/Twitter

| @no_loey_no_life/Twitter

| @no_loey_no_life/Twitter

Chanyeol even impressed fans with his knowledge of Acqua Di Parma by giving thoughtful answers about the different products.

Fans had missed seeing Chanyeol attend different events and were excited to see the idol looking as happy and healthy as ever.

And while Chanyeol’s visuals had been no shock to followers…

People on the Acqua Di Parma pop-up retailer occasion did appear shocked by Chanyeol’s spectacular peak.

In reality, Chanyeol, who’s 185cm, even involved reporters, fearful that the tall idol would hit his head.

| @loeysloop/Twitter 

Fans couldn’t assist however joke that Chanyeol should have grown even taller.

And had been in fact, endeared by his response to having to duck right down to keep away from hitting his head.

Even although followers are conscious of Chanyeol’s peak, it looks like they are going to nonetheless all the time be shocked to see the truth.




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