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EXO’s Chen Hesitated To Add The Song “Traveler” To His Latest Album For This One Reason

Xiumin can’t relate to his dilemma in any respect.

On CHEN FMEXO listened to Chen‘s latest mini album, Last Scene, and while all the songs were full of charm, there was one song Chen had initially been hesitant about.

The third song Chen played was “Traveler,” one of his B-side tracks, and the music had the members grooving along right from the beginning.


The members rapidly praised Chen, with Chanyeol even requesting to “steal” the track from Chen.

Chen was grateful for the optimistic response and revealed that he was initially not sure whether or not “Traveler” must be included in Last Scene.

I debated rather a lot about this. The title track had already been determined. In phrases of the temper, I although it was too cheerful. I believed it sounded too cute, so I debated for a bit.

— Chen

Still, he pushed by way of with the track as a result of he thought he may current a unique facet of himself and convey the message that folks have a unique sense of cuteness after turning 30.

Xiumin couldn’t relate to Chen’s hesitance in regards to the cuteness of the track. After all, often known as EXO’s fairy, Xiumin could be the oldest, however he’s in command of EXO’s cuteness, and he loves it.

Chanyeol gave some ultimate phrases of reward. For him, his favourite songs by Chen are the brighter ones, and the remainder of the members adopted up with their very own compliments, claiming that Chen was so gifted he may ace any style or track.

Their phrases, in fact, are 100% true, and we are able to’t wait to see extra of their reactions and banter in episode 2 of CHEN FM.




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