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Goo Kyo Hwan Chats About His New Film “Kill Boksoon,” Excitement For “D.P. 2,” And More

Goo Kyo Hwan has mentioned his “Kill Boksoon” character in an interview with Allure!

When the interviewer requested in regards to the similarities between Goo Kyo Hwan’s on-screen and real-life self, the actor answered, “In the end, they are all me. The scenarios are created by the script, but I think I draw inspiration from myself. Sometimes I imitate myself [when I am acting]. When it is most difficult, I ask myself more questions and reflect on myself. Ultimately, it all starts with me.”

Regarding performing issues he has as of late, Goo Kyo Hwan selected “Can it be this much fun?” He went on to clarify that he enjoys going to set as a result of performing is one thing that he loves doing.

After Goo Kyo Hwan revealed that he has by no means requested his company for a break, the interviewer requested if meaning he’s consistently on the lookout for new initiatives. Goo Kyo Hwan defined, “It’s not even that, I just only think about today. I don’t worry about the future or plan ahead. Plans fall apart anyway. I try planning for the near future first. Such as what I should eat for dinner and what scene I’m doing later. I just focus on the present.”

On how he recharges when he’s worn out, Goo Kyo Hwan shared, “I like eating delicious foods and sleeping the most. If there’s a superpower I have, it’s that I can keep sleeping. I can sleep even when I’m not tired. It’s a very blessed skill.”

Including his new movie “Kill Boksoon,” Goo Kyo Hwan has been working lots with Netflix as of late, main the interviewer to name him the “Son of Netflix.” Goo Kyo Hwan responded whereas laughing, “Son? I’m much older [than Netflix] to say I’m the son…”

He continued, “I’m a Netflix user too. I’m addicted to videos. I really enjoy watching something when I’m eating. That’s why I deliberately save some content. To watch when I am eating delicious food.”

Goo Kyo Hwan’s new Netflix movie “Kill Boksoon” tells the story of the hitman business’s legendary killer Gil Bok Soon (performed by Jeon Do Yeon) who can also be a single mom. Goo Kyo Hwan performs Han Hee Sung, a killer working alongside Gil Bok Soon at MK Ent. who is very expert however typically ignored.

Talking about how he got here to affix “Kill Boksoon,” he revealed, “I used to be really filming a unique challenge known as ‘Escape‘ when I received the casting offer for Han Hee Sung. I said I wanted to do it even though it would honestly be a difficult schedule physically.”

Explaining why he was interested despite his tight schedule, Goo Kyo Hwan said, “I thought I’d really feel good simply collaborating on this challenge. I really feel this fashion for all initiatives, however I needed to be a crew member of this work. As a fan of the producers and solid.” He added, “Luckily, there weren’t too many episodes so I was able to partake.”

The interviewer identified that a number of gifted actors are a part of the “Kill Boksoon” solid, particularly mentioning lead actress Jeon Do Yeon. On efficiently becoming a member of this solid, Goo Kyo Hwan shared, “It felt so good. To be honest, I keep going with this mindset. I went into [my character] Bang Goo Ppong of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ with the same mindset. I was curious about Park Eun Bin‘s acting and I was also curious about the drama, so I asked them to please squeeze me in somehow and I went right in.”

Later this yr, Goo Kyo Hwan is ready to star within the second season of the favored Netflix sequence “D.P.” (stands for Deserter Pursuit). Describing his “D.P.” character Han Ho Yeol, the actor commented, “The fun thing about the position of ‘D.P’ is that I chase people down even though I’m not a police officer or detective. I think that’s why I was drawn to ‘D.P.’ It’s also a story of young people who have yet to develop. That’s why out of Han Ho Yeol’s lines, I like the line ‘We’re not even detectives’ the most.”

The interviewer spoke for all followers of “D.P.” once they expressed their pleasure for Season 2, to which Goo Kyo Hwan replied, “Is that so? This is such an honor. I also have films and content I feel that way about.”

He elaborated, “What’s extra special about ‘D.P.’ is that it’s my first time filming a sequel. I have to act again as a character I’ve spent a long time with. My acting should be new, and at the same time it shouldn’t be new. That’s the fun part.”

“Kill Boksoon” was launched worldwide on Netflix on March 31 and Goo Kyo Hwan’s full interview with Allure Korea might be out there within the April difficulty.

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