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GOT7’s Jinyoung Reacts To Being Described As Innocent And Reminding Fans Of Their First Love

“Please don’t be fooled by the way I look.”

GOT7‘s Jinyoung, who is beloved both as a singer and actor, reacted to being described as “Innocent” and associated with “First Love.

Jinyoung | @jinyoung_0922jy/Instagram

The triple threat idol appeared on Marie Claire Korea‘s YouTube channel on November 16, where he reacted to his profile, made by fans.

On this day, the idol sheepishly read a description of his appearance as described by fans.

He gives off a clean and innocent vibe and has strong facial features, and looks like a handsome actor.

— Jinyoung reading his profile

Jinyoung thanked his fans for the flattering description but hinted that he might not be as innocent as he looks.

I’m very grateful for the sort phrases, however I don’t suppose I’m that harmless. Please don’t be fooled by the way in which I look.

— Jinyoung

The idol then reacted to a different description by a fan stating that he “Reminds me of my past first love.” Jinyoung reacted to the outline by thanking the fan and stating how a lot he appreciated the sort phrases.

I’ve mentioned this earlier than in a previous interview, however I actually respect individuals seeing me on this (as a primary love picture) gentle.

— Jinyoung

In a earlier interview with the journal, when requested about his “first love” picture, the idol gave a extra candid response, stating that there have been many idols who gave off related vibes.

I’m so grateful, however each idol group has a member giving off these vibes, so it isn’t as particular.

— Jinyoung

The idol additionally spoke about his blossoming appearing profession. When requested how he felt in regards to the reward he’s acquired for his appearing, Jinyoung replied that though he’s grateful, he nonetheless feels there was room for enchancment.

It actually makes me glad. Although I’m very grateful that audiences take a look at me favorably, in my eyes (my appearing) wants enchancment. But due to (the viewers’s) variety phrases, I get excited in search of methods to enhance. Thank you for making me consider myself.

— Jinyoung

Jinyoung debuted with the favored idol group GOT7 in 2014. Recently, the idol has been spreading his skills by transitioning into appearing, receiving rave opinions for his function on Yumi’s Cells 2.




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