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Kim Young Dae, Park Ju Hyun, And Kim Woo Seok Form A Chaotic Trio In New Drama “The Forbidden Marriage”

MBC has unveiled playful new posters for its upcoming drama “The Forbidden Marriage”!

Based on the net novel of the identical identify, “The Forbidden Marriage” will star Kim Young Dae as King Yi Heon, who falls deep into despair after the demise of his spouse and finally ends up prohibiting marriage in his kingdom. Seven years after the lack of his spouse (performed by IZ*ONE‘s Kim Min Ju), who was then the crown princess, he comes across a con artist named So Rang (Park Ju Hyun) who claims that she can be possessed by the late princess’s spirit.

The new posters introduce viewers to the drama’s three leads, who wind up entangled in each other’s lives in surprising methods. They additionally trace on the difficult dynamic between the three characters: whereas So Rang boldly raises a brush within the king’s path with one hand, her different is tied up by a rope held by Uigeumbu officer Lee Shin Won (Kim Woo Seok).

Kim Young Dae’s poster describes his character Yi Heon as “a king who has ordered the prohibition of marriage for the past seven years.”

Seemingly referencing the disapproving murmurs about his rule, Yi Heon asks in his caption, “Do you also see me as a crazy tyrant?”

Meanwhile, So Rang’s attraction and plucky, spirited character shine via in Park Ju Hyun’s poster.

Defending her occupation as underground matchmaker in a time when marriage is illegitimate, So Rang protests innocently, “Why am I a con artist? I’m just a messenger of love for young men and women.”

Finally, Kim Woo Seok’s poster hints at his character Lee Shin Won’s story of one-sided love. Revealing why he selected his occupation, Lee Shin Won says, “I wanted to become an investigator. Because I thought then, I might be able to find my lost bride.”

“The Forbidden Marriage” will premiere on December 9 at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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