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Lee Da Hee And Choi Siwon Describe The Message About Dating In “Love Is For Suckers,” Their Thoughts On Sincerity, And More

The stars of “Love is for Suckers” have teamed up with Cosmopolitan Korea!

In the most recent challenge of Cosmopolitan Korea, “Love is for Suckers” lead actors Lee Da Hee and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon mirror on the drama, discuss their first impressions, and extra!

“Love is for Suckers” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of two greatest buddies, Goo Yeo Reum (Lee Da Hee) and Park Jae Hoon (Choi Siwon). Their friendship of 20 years takes a dramatic flip after they partake in a courting actuality present as a producer and contestant, growing emotions for each other alongside the best way.

Choi Siwon defined, “Jae Hoon, whom I play, is somebody who doesn’t put a foot out of line with Yeo Reum. I noticed Da Hee for the primary time at our script studying and thought, ‘Ah, this person has already become one with their character.”

Lee Da Hee also looked back on their first script reading, saying, “I was really looking forward to [the drama]. I thought of Siwon as an actor whose personal color was clear. While reading the script, I tried to draw Siwon in my mind. On set, he occasionally goes beyond my expectations and I end up bursting into laughter without noticing.”

Although the drama’s English title is “Love is for Suckers,” the literal translation of the Korean title is “Icy Cold Romance.” Lee Da Hee revealed that their director had initially proposed the title “Beer and Peanut” earlier than including with fun, “He was met with our opposition.” Choi Siwon defined, “Although it’s a rom-com, there’s also a story of friendship so he proposed [this title] for the vibe of comfortably having drinks with a friend.” However, he continued whereas laughing, “After hearing ‘Beer and Peanuts,’ I couldn’t keep a straight face.”

Goo Yeo Reum is sort of in contrast to lots of Lee Da Hee’s current daring and aloof roles as she is extra pitiful and emotional. The actress shared, “I don’t know if it’s because I’ve done a lot of wealthy, cold, and selfish characters up until now, but I’ve always wanted to try a lighthearted rom-com.”

On the opposite hand, Park Jae Hoon is vaguely much like Choi Siwon’s “Work Later, Drink Now” character Kang Book Goo, on which Choi Siwon commented with fun, “I’ve had to re-film because the character of PD Kang came out while I was acting.”

When requested what sort of message their drama spreads about courting, Lee Da Hee shared, “When I think about dating in my twenties, I really blindly only wanted love. Aside from things like their background, job, and hobbies, if I just liked the person, that was it. However, I think you gradually start to measure various things personality-wise. Just in case it’s hard in the stages of balancing one another. I want to retry the dating I did in my twenties but I think I lack that passion and it’s a bother. Through this drama, I’ve been able to look back on that passion again. It feels like I’m protecting that fire. I also realized that love isn’t always just butterflies and that you might not be able to feel it, even if you already have it.”

Choi Siwon answered, “If a viewer of this drama feels conflicted about what the standard of love is, I think they will be able to ask themselves this question. Is [the standard] butterflies? Or is it comfort? This is something that can also be applied to relationships between friends and colleagues, not just romantic relationships.”

To conclude, the actors spoke about how sincerity is conveyed, with Choi Siwon sharing, “I think sincerity is just conveyed as is. Even through just a single phrase. It’s interesting. There’s a strange energy to sincerity.” Lee Da Hee continued, “It may be difficult to know in an instant, but sincerity is the strength that makes you continuously act and express yourself as you please. It’s what you feel when those things accumulate so I relate to [the saying that] sincerity will always connect you.”

Lastly, Choi Siwon added, “If you want to convey sincerity, for starters, it’s action first! If you’re sorry, apologize first, and if you’re thankful, say thank you. If you express yourself right away in those moments, you really feel it.”

Cosmopolitan Korea’s upcoming November challenge will embrace Lee Da Hee and Choi Siwon’s full interview and picture shoot! The subsequent episode of “Love is for Suckers” will air on Wednesday October 26 at 9 p.m. KST.

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