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Netizens Aren’t Happy With The Cast Of Upcoming tvN Drama “See You In My 19th Life”

Netizens declare the forged is simply too totally different from the unique webtoon.

Upcoming tvN Okay-Drama, See You In My nineteenth Life, is already going through criticism earlier than its launch.

Poster for See You In My nineteenth Life | Webtoon

On November 15, the drama launched its casting checklist. According to, See You In My nineteenth Life, the drama might be led by a forged starring actors Shin Hae Sun, Ahn Bo Hyun, Ha Yoon Kyung, and Ahn Dong Goo.

Shin Hae Sun | Joongang Ilbo

Ahn Bo Hyun | OSEN

See You In My nineteenth Life is a fantasy romance based mostly on the webtoon of the identical identify, revolving round Ban Ji Eum, who has lived 18 prior lives and is on life 19. Ban Ji Eum retains her reminiscence from her previous lives and is desperately looking for Mun Seo Ha, who she fell in love with in life 18.

Ban Ji Eum | @ilovewchara/Twitter

The drama introduced that Shin Hae solar can be taking part in the function of Ban Ji Eum and Ahn Bo Hyun can be taking part in the function of Mun Seo Ha.

Moon Seo Ha |

Netizens reacted to the news of the forged with blended evaluations. In the unique webtoon, Mun Seo Ha is a frail character who is commonly sick and faints simply. According to a news report, followers of the unique comedian, due to this fact, are stating that casting Ahn Bo Hyun, who’s 187cm tall, has broad shoulders, and is a former boxer, was a mistake.

Moon Seo Ha | Dispatch

A news report alleges that followers have acknowledged, “(Ahn Bo Hyun) looks like he’s never been frail in his life,” and expressed disappointment over his casting. Other netizens chimed in on-line, expressing related sentiments over the drama’s forged.

  • “The casting for both main characters is weird. What is this?”
  • “Oh, I don’t like either actor. This is an easy pass for me.”
  • “The casting sucks.”
  • “I’m not a fan of this lineup.”
  • “(Looking at the cast) I forgot what the webtoon looked like, LOL. It sucks since I enjoyed the webtoon.”
  • “The cast’s image are all different (from the webtoon characters).”
  • “Who is the casting director?…”

What are your ideas? Are you a fan of the unique webtoon?

Source: theqoo and Herald Pop



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