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Netizens Notice Something Upsetting About YG Entertainment Artists While Looking At List Of Most-Streamed K-Pop Boy Groups On MelOn

“YG really doesn’t work at all…”

It’s no secret that, in comparison with different Okay-Pop woman teams across the identical age, YG Entertainment‘s BLACKPINK has very few songs in their entire discography.

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

In fact, if you take their total number of songs — which is 32, not including solo songs — and divide it by the number of years that they’ve been energetic (6), they’ve launched a median of solely a little bit over 5 songs per yr.

| YG Entertainment

In comparability, TWICE, who debuted only a yr earlier, has launched 167 songs all through their profession, which makes a median of almost 24 songs launched per yr.

TWICE | JYP Entertainment

However, based mostly on some latest analysis, it looks as if BLACKPINK isn’t the one YG Entertainment group to have an oddly small discography.

BIGBANG | YG Entertainment

On an internet discussion board, netizens have been discussing the Okay-Pop boy teams with probably the most complete distinctive listeners on MelOn. The top-ranking teams on the listing — BTSBIGBANGEXO, and SEVENTEEN — have been fairly predictable.

It wasn’t the distinctive listeners rating that was being most mentioned, nevertheless, however truly the overall variety of songs launched by every artist that had followers speaking. In specific, the YG Entertainment teams on the listing — BIGBANG, WINNER, iKON, and Sechskies — all have comparatively few songs when in comparison with artists that debuted across the identical time.

WINNER | YG Entertainment

On common, listed here are what number of songs every of the 4 teams talked about launched per yr since they debuted:

  • BIGBANG: 13.2 songs per yr
  • WINNER: 7.8 songs per yr
  • iKON: 7.1 songs per yr
  • Sechskies: 5.7 songs per yr

iKON | YG Entertainment

In comparability, right here’s what number of songs have been launched per yr on common by artists that debuted across the identical time as every of the 4 above:

  • Super Junior: 35.3 songs per yr
  • GOT7: 21.1 songs per yr
  • MONSTA X: 36.6 songs per yr
  • Shinhwa: 13.8 songs per yr

MONSTA X | Starship Entertainment

In the feedback of the article discussing this subject, netizens specific their shock at YG Entertainment’s artists’ restricted discographies, in addition to the truth that they’re nonetheless ranked comparatively excessive on the chart regardless of having such few songs.

  • “YG really doesn’t work at all…”
  • “Wow I was looking at the artists with the least songs and they are all YG”
  • “But compared to the small number of songs released… to be able to rank that high is impressive…”
  • “Winner and iKON’s total songsㅋㅋㅋㅋ Are they for real…”
  • “WINNER making it to top 10 with only 62 songs in which 4 of them are remastered (4 ver.) and 1 remix. If we count average stream per song and average UL, they’ll be in top 5 I guess”
  • “I could never stan a yg artist unless I was heavily multi fandom because what are yall doing while everyone else is getting new music every year.”

Sechskies | YG Entertainment

Considering that this looks as if a sample, it’s unlikely to vary anytime quickly. However, with their upcoming woman group that’s mentioned to be within the works, perhaps YG Entertainment will lastly change techniques and launch extra music to assist them sustain with the huge competitors in Okay-Pop proper now!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa



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