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NU’EST’s Kim Jonghyun Casually Flirts With Dancer AIKI, Causing Her To Blush

NU’EST‘s Kim Jonghyun (also known as JR) recently made a solo debut. He went onto dancer AIKI‘s radio show to promote his new single, “Lights.” The pair played a game using a brainwave detector. When the user’s mind exercise goes time beyond regulation, the ears will twitch, demonstrating that the person is probably going flustered.

Even earlier than the sport began, Jonghyun’s ears started twitching. He tried to calm his coronary heart down together with his fingers on his chest.

AIKI started to query the rationale for it, however he managed to knock her out with only one line.

It’s as a result of I’m taking a look at you, noona.

— Jonghyun

AIKI instantly acquired shy and even lined her blushing face together with her iPad.

What a charmer! No marvel he’s so well-liked with the noona followers. Check out the cute interplay under.

Not solely that, however afterward within the present, he made hearts flutter as soon as extra when he requested for permission to name AIKI “noona.” Although the time period is usually utilized by youthful males to older ladies, in a piece setting, individuals usually keep away from such informal phrases except they’re shut. Otherwise, one would ask for permission earlier than dropping the formalities.

Next time as an alternative of solely throughout the present’s section, if I come right here once more, I’ll simply name you noona [throughout].

— Jonghyun

We’d kill to be AIKI!



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