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OMEGA X’s Jaehan Expresses Why They Could Not Hold Back The CEO’s Abuse Any Longer

K-Pop idol group OMEGA X, who has been caught up in an abuse scandal with Spire Entertainment‘s CEO, held a press conference with legal representatives to speak directly about the matter. Attorney Noh Jong Eon stated, “This is unfair treatment in our society, and I gathered the courage to come to this conference in hopes that the problem will change. We notified the company of the termination of the contract, and along with the lawsuit for invalidity of the exclusive contract, criminal charges and alimony lawsuits will proceed sequentially.”

OMEGA X’s Jaehan acknowledged, “We initially held everything in because we thought we would lose our last chance at our dreams. We didn’t want to waste time on something like this, and we thought we had to hold it in for the sake of our fans. I tried to bear it because I wanted to protect OMEGA X, but I couldn’t.”

He added, “CEO Kong habitually molested the members and forced us to drink. She even threatened to take her life. Some of the members are receiving mental health treatment due to this. We want to be respected as a person, not as a product.”

Member Yechan acknowledged, “Many things hurt our values and life. I was forced to drink and had practice time taken away, and I also had to wait for the members talking to the CEO. I came to the conviction that I was being gaslighted. I also thought that I should hold it in, as the other older members were also enduring all of this. I wanted to use this hard time as a stepping stone to repay our fans with good music and performances.”

Previously, OMEGA X’s CEO was caught bodily and verbally abusing the members following their live performance in Los Angeles. SPIRE Entertainment then launched an official assertion concerning the state of affairs and finally ended up resigning as CEO. Most just lately, the members opened a brand new Instagram account no matter their social media ban to speak the state of affairs to followers.

Spire Entertainment’s Abuse of OMEGA X



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