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TXT’s Soobin Was Unanimously Chosen To Be The Group’s Leader Pre-Debut, And He Finally Said Which Member He Gave His Vote To

TXT is among the uncommon teams in Ok-Pop the place most members should not have mounted positions. Only the title of “leader” was formally given to at least one particular person: Soobin.

TXT’s Soobin | HYBE

Though it’s now arduous to think about anybody else because the dependable information of the group, it was not at all times sure it might find yourself this fashion. TXT has been vocal in regards to the democratic course of they adopted pre-debut the place each single member—Hueningkai, Taehyun, Beomgyu, and Yeonjun—in addition to the HYBE workers who sorted them, took a vote for whom they wished to be the group’s chief. Everyone picked Soobin.

Several years since then, the member in query talked about this subject from his perspective in a reside broadcast.

He was requested by a fan, “Who did Soobin give his vote for leader to?” It dawned on him that MOAs didn’t know his facet of the story. In truth, he was sure that the others in TXT have been at midnight about his reply as properly—he picked Yeonjun.

Wow! Today’s the primary time this shall be revealed. Even the members don’t know. I gave my chief vote to Yeonjun.

— Soobin

Soobin (Left) and Yeonjun (Right) Pre-Debut

The reasoning behind his selection was easy: Yeonjun was a accountable hyung who already sorted them.

At that point, was it as a result of he was the eldest? He had the vibe of ‘eldest’ in my eyes. He took the lead once we practiced synchronizing our dance strikes.

— Soobin

In truth, Soobin had no doubts that Yeonjun would turn into the chief of the group.

At that point, I used to be pondering, ‘Who else [would be leader] if not Yeonjun!‘ It was so obvious to me that it was going to be him.

— Soobin

Like the humble person that MOAs know him to be, Soobin expressed his confusion at being given such an important role even years down the road.

At that time, all of the staff and all of the members voted for me to be leader…to be honest, I still don’t perceive why till now. Back then I used to be a shy and introverted particular person.

— Soobin

He now is aware of that he was chosen as a result of everybody knew that he would “wait for someone to get back on their feet when they fall down and go together with them rather than thoughtlessly pulling that person up.”

That’s TXT’s dependable chief, Soobin!



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