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‘Succession’ Star Kieran Culkin Explains Why Roman Roy Doesn’t Seem to Understand Chairs

Kieran Culkin had a Succession query dropped in his lap whereas selling the fourth and remaining season of the Emmy-winning HBO drama sequence.

During Culkin’s go to to The Tonight Show on Friday, host Jimmy Fallon famous that the actor’s character, Roman Roy, seems to get pleasure from sitting on chairs in unconventional methods, together with resting himself on the again of 1. Fallon proceeded to point out a number of episode stills that emphasised the purpose.

“A lot of fans of yours think Roman doesn’t understand chairs and how they work because every time you’re sitting, it’s always the oddest position I’ve ever seen,” Fallon quipped.

After fun, Culkin replied, “I didn’t notice that until after the second season — people started pointing that out. And a lot of people, including my wife, thought that that was something I was told — it was either in the writing or the director said, ‘Can you go upside down on a chair or something?’”

Culkin went on to clarify that it wasn’t essentially one thing he had been aware of, however that he it felt it was too late to alter at that time. “I’ve been told that it’s weird,” the Igby Goes Down star continued. “I didn’t even notice I was doing it. And then I tried to forget that I heard that because I don’t want to stop sitting weird. I’ve already established that he does that now. I gotta keep it up.”

As far as whether or not he’ll miss enjoying Roman now that the sequence is ready to conclude with the fourth season that debuts Sunday, Culkin admitted he hadn’t, properly, sat with the concept for lengthy sufficient. “It hasn’t hit me ’cause we only finished like three weeks ago, shooting,” he mentioned. “I just have not processed it.”



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